Saturday, August 18, 2012

Avast License Key – Activate Avast Free Antivirus Until 2038

If you look at the screen-shots picture on the previous post about “Download Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0” article, The Avast free antivirus active until 2038. Maybe you want to know what the Avast license key that I use to activate Avast until 2038.Actually, the Avast license key that I use is from a reader of this blog who have left comments on this blog and I try it on my computer and it works and successful activate the Avast free antivirus until 2038. Still not believing? See the following picture. The Avast anti-virus in my computer active until January 19, 2038, 10:14:07 AM (active for 27 years)

Here the Avast License Key: W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467
Wow, this license is active for a very long time, because it will activate the software for more than 20 years. And apparently, the license key can also be used to Avast 4.8, Avast 5 and Avast 6. Download Avast Free Anti-Virus 6.0

Note: When I tested this key, Avast does not block these licenses. The Avast license key can be used on Avast free antivirus only and you can use the Avast free for non commercial uses only. Use the license as your own risk because there is no guarantee Avast would not block the license in the future.

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