Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doc to PDF Converter

Hello Friends,
Many times we need to save a word or excel document into pdf file. To do this job we use many online convector.
For Example If you required convert a Doc file into PDF format you can use site for this purpose.

Some websites provide offline tools to convert a document from word to pdf. But if you need to convert a Excel file into pdf format you need another third party software.

Now Friends, I talk about something new for you....
Microsoft provide a free plugin for convert or save any microsoft office document into pdf format with need of any third party software.

How to save a word or excel document into pdf format-

Just go on microsoft official website using this link 

Click on Following link for Direct Download 

After than just install the Above EXE file and Restart your Microsoft Word or Excel.
Written something in your word document and select Save as PDF under the 'Save As' option. 
In Save As dialog box multiple option available for save your document into PDF format. like
 save Whole document, 
save only current page 
or save pages between a given range.

To understand whole process see below step by step images.

First of all install the plugin file using simple double click.

In Installation Setup Check the Option 'Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms' and click on Continue Button.
After then your plugin is installed completely without need of any other software. just click on Ok button.
After then open the word document and write something on the document. then go to the Save As option and choose PDF or XPS option according to below image.

When You select PDF or XPS option Save As dialog box is appear. In such Dialog box Check weather save as type is selected as a PDF(*.pdf).
Here also an option button is shown Click on such option button.
After than in Option window is appear in such window you can also select the page range that you want to convert into pdf format like 
If you want to convert whole document in to pdf format select "All" Option button under 'Page range' Label. 
If you want to save only current page into pdf format than choose second option as 'current page'.
If only selected part want to convert into pdf file than select third option.
or you want to select a range of pages than select last option.

Now, click on Ok button, than click on publish button. so finally your pdf document is created.

Pron's for Save As PDF and XPS Software Plugin
1- Tiny Size - File size is less than 1 MB.
2- No Additional Software- No need of any Additional or third party software like .net framework.
3- No Technical Knowledge is required.
4- Work for all MS Office application like word, excel, power point, ms access, etc.
5- After installation No internet connection required.
6- Completely Free software. No registration required.

So My final words are you must use this tiny plugin for save your document in pdf format into your offices, colleges or at home. I'm sure this application much useful in your daily office work.


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